HVAC Commissioning & Testing

All works approved under Part L of the Building Regulations are required to be commissioned in accordance with the design intent. It is the statutory duty of the building owner or his/her agent to ensure compliance with the requirements of Part L. it is therefore essential that the construction programme allows sufficient time for the commissioning phase prior to handover.

Commissioning & testing is the advancement of an installation from the stage of static completion to full working order to specified requirements. This includes the setting to work and regulation of the systems to design requirements. Commissioning is deemed to be complete when all regulation work is concluded. The process incorporates static pre commissioning, which is carried out prior to setting to work, balancing and regulation, performance testing and system report upon completion.

At Verisys we provide quality engineers to fulfill the needs of all HVAC commissioning from small projects up to the largest installations.

Verisys specialist Commissioning and Testing Service meets the needs of the Building Services and Pharmaceutical Industry and includes the following:

  • Pre-Commissioning;
  • Setting to Work;
  • Balancing and Regulation;
  • Environmental Checks and Tests;
  • Pressure Regimes and Airflow Directions Checks;
  • Sound Level Readings;
  • Clean Room Testing;
  • LEV Testing;
  • Temperature Mapping;
  • Rapid Response Shut Down Testing;
  • Electrical Testing;
  • BMS/Controls Commissioning and Testing;
  • Validation Reports;
  • Demonstration to the Accepting Authority.

Whether it is mechanical or electrical services or BMS/Controls, let Verisys Commissioning Service take the lead in your Commissioning and Testing Activities.