Soft Landings


Provides a unified vehicle for engaging with outcomes throughout the process of briefing, design and delivery.

It dovetails with energy performance certification, building logbooks, green leases, and corporate social responsibility.

It can run alongside any procurement process. It helps design and building teams to appreciate how buildings are used, managed and maintained.

It provides the best opportunity for producing low-carbon buildings that meet their design targets.

It includes fine-tuning in the early days of occupation and provides a natural route for post-occupancy evaluation.

It costs very little, well within the margin of competitive bids. During design and construction, Soft Landings helps performance-related activities to be carried out more systematically. There is some extra work during the three-year aftercare period, but the costs are modest in relation to the value added to the client’s building. Most of all, Soft Landings creates virtuous circles for all and offers the best hope for truly integrated, robust and sustainable design.