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Soft Landings

Soft Landings provides the best opportunity for producing low-carbon buildings that meet their design goals.

Using Verisys’ Soft Landings service brings a unified approach to solving performance issues between the design stage and the completion stage. Performance issues can arise at any stage in a project, having a Soft Landings process in place throughout means you can avoid these issues and ensure that every stage outcome meets client expectations and design.


Design and building teams work together to appreciate and understand how the building is used, managed and maintained which provides the best opportunity for producing low-carbon buildings that echo their design. Having a Soft Landings process in place is proven to increase productivity and overall project success.

Why use Verisys’ Soft Landings approach?

  • Proven to increase productivity
  • Helps meet design goals
  • A unified approach to your project
  • Can be used through every stage of the project
  • Helps to produce low-carbon buildings
  • Provides a natural route for post-occupancy evaluation

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