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Water Treatment & Building Leakage

Our Water Treatment Service and Building Leakage Test includes a visual check of your entire system with a comprehensive report on completion.

Closed Loop Systems


Closed circuit or closed loop water systems are an effective way of heating or cooling building services applications and industrial and commercial processes. As the name closed loop suggests the intention is generally to retain the same water in the system for an indefinite period and without effective water treatment corrosion products and system deterioration occurs impairing flow and heat transfer and control valves can become blocked and inoperative. Heating systems can become scaled up; chilled water systems can become contaminated with pseudomonas and slime-forming bacteria. A poorly treated closed circuit water system will be costing you money in poor performance and energy consumption long before it starts to fail.
To overcome these many potential problems we can provide a range of cost effective inhibitors and biocides which are designed specifically for closed systems. If your system is already suffering because of inadequate water treatment please ask for our advice as we can provide products and services which will restore flow and heat transfer to heavily fouled systems.

New Installations:

Newly installed system pipework should be chemically cleaned prior to being commissioned and handed over to the main contractor/end user. System contaminants and construction debris will inevitably be found in newly installed pipe work systems and if it remains in the system in sufficient quantities, these contaminants will make the system prone to blockages at strainers, control valves and small bore pipe work, i.e; fan-coils, batteries, terminal units and so on, not only causing problems at the commissioning stage, but may well initiate further corrosion and encourage the growth of micro-organisms ultimately resulting in poor water quality. The objectives of chemical cleaning to loosen and remove the surface deposits bringing them into suspension so they can be flushed away and create a stable surface within the pipe work, which if maintained properly with a water treatment regime, will resist further corrosion.
System filling and pressure testing and the processes leading up to pre commissioning cleaning should be carefully managed, particularly on large installations to avoid system stagnation, corrosion, and microbiological issues prior to systems being commissioned.

Fit-Outs & Existing Systems:

Poor water treatment regimens result in poor water quality and ultimately system deterioration and additional energy consumption, customers have experienced blockages and poor circulation and high iron content and corrosion deposit build up that occur over long periods of time. We can assist by surveying, sampling, and reporting on existing systems prior to any modification and or extension so that existing system issues can be rectified to prevent the fouling of new installations.

Chlorination and Disinfection

Our teams of highly trained technicians routinely disinfect both new and incoming water supplies using chlorine in accordance with the requirements of all British Standards.
In order to control the legionella risk and maintain water hygiene water storage tanks should be inspected regularly and, if necessary, physically cleaned and then disinfected. Our technicians observe the rigorous safety precautions needed for working in confined spaces and once clean we carry out a water tank chlorination and, where required disinfect the water distribution down-services fed from the tank.
When disinfecting an existing system known to be contaminated with biofilm or legionella bacteria chlorine dioxide or hydrogen peroxide may be used as an alternative to chlorine.

Verisys Water Treatment and Building Leakage Services we provide include:

  • Flushing and dosing to BG 29/2021 – BSRIA Compliant
  • Pre-commissioning chemical cleaning of closed systems to BG 29/2021 – BSRIA Compliant
  • Side stream filtration to BG 29/2021
  • Microbiological and Chemical Analysis
  • Site Surveys & Risk Assessments
  • Closed System Water Quality Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Supply of Automatic Dosing Equipment
  • Pre-dosing of inhibitor/biocides to pressure test water / initial fill
  • Water Treatment Consultancy
  • Chlorination/disinfection to BSEN806, HSE ACOP L8 and BS8558/2015 guidelines
  • L8 compliance / Legionella Control Risk Assessments 
  • Cleaning and disinfection of cold-water storage tanks and domestic water tanks/systems
  • Cleaning and disinfection of cooling towers and evaporate condensers

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